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Improved Audio Quality with the EM® Revolutionary Sound Enhancer

Unlock the true potential of your audio

Introducing a groundbreaking advancement from the German company, Siremix: the Endpoint Mixing® (EM) technology. After years of dedicated development and innovation, Siremix is proud to announce a revolutionary product that democratizes high-end Hi-Fi audio for everyone. With 20 global patents, EM offers a solution that is 20 times more cost-effective than traditional sound systems. This patented technology breaks all barriers, delivering significant benefits to everyone.


The journey of Endpoint Mixing® (EM) began with a simple question: how can sound quality surpass the limitations of stereo? Recognizing the inherent constraints of traditional stereo setups, EM introduces a layered sound architecture that extends listeners beyond physical limitations, creating a voluminous soundscape that defies the 'wall of sound' effect associated with stereo. By enhancing spatial audio principles, EM achieves depth and clarity that brings listeners in a multidimensional audio experience, redefining the boundaries of audio realism.

At the Studio

Endpoint Mixing®: Unheard Audio Realism

Experience Unparalleled Immersion and Clarity in Your Home Entertainment

Endpoint Mixing® (EM) is a groundbreaking sound processor that converts stereo sources into EM line sources, delivering 5 times better sound quality than similarly priced systems. It's aimed at general consumers seeking improved home theater, gaming, and music experiences, offering unparalleled realism and ease of use.

Endpoint Mixing® is a groundbreaking sound technology that democratizes advanced audio systems for everyone. Utilizing our patented sound technology, Endpoint Mixing® delivers immersive, high-fidelity audio with unparalleled clarity and spatial sound, enhancing experiences across a spectrum from music to virtual reality. It's user-friendly, cost-effective, and universally compatible.

At the heart of our innovation lies the patented Endpoint Mixing® theory, which reimagines spatial sound using monophonic constructs and multiple frontal speakers. This ingenious methodology extends sound projection forward, creating multiple layers of sound in front of the listener and constructing an advanced soundstage that ensures high-fidelity, clear, and distinctive spatial sound.

Extensive testing has demonstrated that even a modestly priced system (2,000 EUR) can achieve the same level of sound quality as high-end Hi-Fi systems (50,000 EUR), while also providing a unique sensation of "being there" as if transported to a live music concert or sporting event. Among the multitude of customer testimonials, an international DJ who owns a recording studio remarked, "It produces exceptional sound!"

For further details, please visit our landing page: Endpoint Mixing® Sound Enhancer.

For an in-depth discussion on Endpoint Mixing® technology geared towards audio engineering enthusiasts, delve into this article: Conversation with Albert Einstein on Endpoint Mixing® Sound Tech - Episode 1.

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