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EM Sound Enhancer with Speakers Bundle

Our innovative Endpoint Mixing® technology delivers high-quality sound comparable to many premium audio systems. Easy to use and set up, the Endpoint Mixing® (EM) Sound Enhancer accompanies speaker sets, providing an all-in-one EM solution for everyday listeners, audiophiles, gamers, and more. This bundle includes the EM Sound Enhancer S305 and two sets of high-quality active stereo speakers, creating premium sound quality and an exceptionally immersive experience ideal for movies, music, video games, VR, and vinyl use.


EM Sound Enhancer Is Easy To Setup

Audio In: Connect any line-level stereo input to the EM Sound Enhancer using a standard RCA cable.

Audio Output: 

  • Front Speaker: Connect to the front speaker using a standard RCA cable.

  • Back Speaker: Connect similarly to the back speaker.

  • Recording Output: Optionally connect to a subwoofer.

EndpointMix Sound Enhancer Back Panel View

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Your EM bundle product is a small yet powerful system utilizing the novel Endpoint Mixing® sound reproduction method to create room-filling, high-quality audio. You may place it anywhere and connect it with any stereo sound source.

Optionally, connect a subwoofer to enhance low frequencies. Set the subwoofer's low-pass filter frequency as the back speaker's lowest frequency.


Power Level:

The total power of the system exceeds 100W.


Endpoint Mixing® Sound Enhancer (model S305):

The world's first audio processing equipment using groundbreaking Endpoint Mixing® technology.


Stereo Speakers:

Two sets of active speakers are paired (i.e., four speakers in total) to provide premium sound. The speakers should follow a unique flip-speaker placement as shown below, or use a trapezoid position as stated in our blog post. Audiophiles may also choose to use passive speakers with a preamp and amplifier for an enhanced experience.

Customer Testimonials

Olusola Osinoiki, UK

“The sound quality is exceptional - crystal clear and high-quality. With Endpoint Mixing®, missing a live concert or sporting event no longer means missing the experience. It's like being there, regardless of when you tune in. This innovation is truly groundbreaking!”


Speaker Placement

Position the frontal speakers (i.e., the inner pair) at ear level in a standard left-right arrangement.

(Click for more speaker placement details, including Trapezoid speaker positioning.)



Speaker placement

Position the back speakers (i.e., the outer pair) at ear level, facing the wall, set at a distance equivalent to 20% of the space between your chair and the frontal speakers.

(Click for more speaker placement details, including Trapezoid speaker positioning.)


EM Certified and Tested Speakers

For more information:

We are committed to delivering exceptional acoustic performance. Our amplifiers undergo rigorous testing with a variety of third-party speaker brands to ensure they meet and exceed our precise criteria for sound clarity, balance, and power handling. This meticulous qualification process guarantees that each speaker perfectly complements our technology, seamlessly adapting to the diverse preferences and needs of our users. By continuously certifying sound systems, we exceed audiophile expectations, ensuring an unmatched listening experience.


Certified and Tested Speakers

PreSonus Eris® 3.5

High-quality, active studio monitors that enhance the overall audio experience with precision and clarity. While designed for near-field listening, combining two sets of PreSonus Eris® 3.5 speakers (i.e., four speakers total) can create a wider soundstage with greater depth and clarity. This configuration is ideal for home theater systems and desktop entertainment. Independent tests and user feedback indicate that our system can deliver sound quality comparable to higher-end systems and matches a sound system that costs 10-15 thousand US dollars.



Comparable products:

10-15 thousand US dollars sound system

Audioengine® A2+

Active speakers with a compact footprint, delivering a high-quality audio solution. Although intended for near-field listening, pairing two sets of Audioengine® A2+ speakers (i.e., four speakers total) can deliver a much wider soundstage with improved depth and clarity. This configuration is ideal for home theater systems and desktop entertainment. Independent tests and user feedback indicate that our system offers audio quality on par with higher-end systems and matches 10-15 thousand US dollars worth of sound systems.



Comparable products:

10-15 thousand US dollars sound system

Klipsch® R-51PM

Deliver high-quality, dynamic sound with a warm tone, these powered stereo speakers are suitable for a variety of audio experiences. Featuring a high-performance Class-D amplifier and a compact design, these speakers provide robust bass through Dynamic Bass EQ. Enhancing audio performance without any loss of quality, making them ideal for medium to large spaces such as apartments. Combining two sets of Klipsch® R-51PM speakers (i.e., four speakers total) with the Endpoint Mixing® Sound Enhancer S305 can create a significantly wider and deeper soundstage with exceptional clarity. With over 170W power output, it can effortlessly fill a medium-sized home theater and beyond.

Test reports indicate that this sound system achieves close to 90% of the sound quality of a stereo system costing about 50,000 USD, particularly the Bowers & Wilkins® 803 D4 paired with the Chord preamp and power amp in our internal test.



Comparable products:

50 thousand US dollars sound system

Important Notes

* To achieve the Endpoint Mixing® sound, you need two sets of identical stereo speakers (four speakers in total).

* All Endpoint Mixing® products are protected with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

* Disclaimer: Performance claims are based on internal testing and user feedback. Individual results may vary.

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