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Trapezoid Speakers Positioning

Updated: Jun 9

Trapezoid Speakers Positioning enables an Endpoint Mixing® sound system to produce the best sound quality. It produces natural, highly immersive, and clear sound.

Please follow these two simple steps to set up your speaker system using the Trapezoid speakers positioning method.

Step 1 - Place your back speakers

Place the back speakers at an optimal position relative to the listening environment. Place these speakers like a pair of regular stereo speakers and adjust them according to the target listening position(s). If these speakers are close to a wall, please ensure there is some space for them.

Step 2 - Place your front speakers

Place your front speakers concerning the geometry of the back speakers to form a layer with some distance from the back speaker layer. The detail is depicted as follows. The basic idea is to enable a scaled-down triangle relative to the best listening position at about 70% of the distance between the best listening position and back speakers.

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